Been Gambling So Long (Ain't Got Much Left to Lose)

from by Duke Buzzy



Gambling. Bob Dylan. Double-down on double-time. Win or lose, it doesn't matter; it's in the throwing, not in what the dice say after.


Back to the table; god I missed it -
Get rich, shit; get atavistic -
Represent nothing but a lot of misfits -
a handful of soup & a pot of biscuits -
All out on a shoddy ticket -
Ain't shit, but I gotta risk it -
It's a livin, and a shallow business -
Ask anyone around who lives this -
Tt's a Crap-shoot, tryin'a stack loot -
ain't nobody gonna give a half-hoot -
if you lack roots & get smacked loose -
or run foul of the big black-jack-boot -
Me and him? ain't spoke a while -
last time we did, I choked a smile -
Kept the lid on; smoke and guile -
king in a cage; joker's wild -
So whatever this gambler needs,
gonna fit in a Cadillac trunk -
and once lit the fuse, win or lose,
kissed or bruised he'll be Cadillac drunk -
Rolling bones for a broken home -
passionate as a fanatic-ass monk -
and ain't nothing to laugh at, nothing to grab at.
That Titanic has sunk -
I wanna lay back, relax, tap some ass
to badass battle-ax funk -
cuz I'm back in the saddle; half-whacked & addled
and I hafta handle that stunt -
I got a one-man plan to attack and rattle,
and you can't dismantle that, punk -
Ain't gonna rap to cattle, like it's half the battle;
cuz I can't be having that junk…

Luck is a lady, they say;
and she got them deuces that trump -
she knows it too; she been swaying that
big caboose with a bump -
sparkling in sequins and jewellery,
circling these dupes for a month -
she wears it nice & tight in the back,
but loose in the front...
And I can't resist her;
she says "Choose," and I jump
All in, and all on the line, all knowing -
there's rules to this, chump - understand
But there's always some asshat
gotta ruin the fun -
by getting too fuckin drunk,
and producing a gun -
like this:
I got me a buzz on, and I don't fuck with the fear.
I'm looking for trouble son; you should have snuck outta here.
Brother, I don't know who the fuck put what in your ear - but clearly
You don't mean nothing; you just threw up in your beer
Pure luck, no additives;
never mind how bad it is - it is what it is
…nevermind he's mad at his -
if I had enough fucks, I'd be glad to give -
That there account's accurate -
I swear on the Virgin Immaculate - love
I love winning and losing; that's the shit - That's
All that I hafta get…


I been Gamblin' so long (3x) -
How Long?
Lord, I ain't got much more to lose
these hands are hot; got more than moves
and you cannot ignore the muse
man, I have got some stories too…

I been Gamblin' so long (3x) -
How Long?
Lord, I ain't got much more to lose
win lose or drop; just pour the booze…
chip for the pot; match for the fuse…
get bored a lot; get more confused…


from Bat Country, released April 14, 2015
written, arranged by S.Duke Ellis
produced, performed by Duke Buzzy
recorded, mixed, mastered by Duke at Krow Magma Studio, Toronto




Duke Buzzy Toronto

Duke was born in Toronto & immediately taken away from it. Years later, he went back for 7 years & loved it.

Now he's in Ottawa, focusing on production, as opposed to being a solo artist.

For 2 years Duke hosted & produced "Between Bars on Round Table Radio," a podcast dedicated to independent Canadian Hip Hop music & the artists who create it.
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