Misty Morning Drop Pt​.​1 (State of Mind)

from by Duke Buzzy



Some days you rock the temple,
some days the temple rocks you.
Some days there's a big machine in the sky,
and you just have to study its habits.


god damn the sunrise; I've arisen
hand to gun, with a wider vision
no time to consider my decision
son, shut up & fly the mission
got a fistful o' live 'munition
had six misfits; five are missing
drop three 'cid hits; time to pitch in
[is that wise?] fine, it isn't
look here; I've tried to listen
been tryin to fight the system
it's like this private prison
and my mind is kinda fizzling
ain't looking for rhyme or rizzin
got both; ain't neither missing
but hindsight is dying
time flies and might lies; and I'm witnessing

I really don't remember
what time it was... What's next?

Sunday; morning; storming
caustic rain on my head; it's boring
ain't shit but another storm-head forming
sleep til police come kicking the door in
slept in the clothes I was born in
mighta been dosed while I'm performing
don't really know… yet; I'm ignoring
a wake-up call, a threat, and a warning
I've only half begun
to have my wacky fun
don't say that can't be done
Ulysses Grant? he won
went from unhappy drunk
to laughing at these punks
So pour some bourbon for the curb
and play that nasty funk

I know that it's all a state of mind...


from Bat Country, released April 14, 2015
written & arranged by Duke Ellis
produced & performed by Duke Buzzy
recorded, mixed, mastered by Duke Ellis at Krow Magma Studio, Toronto




Duke Buzzy Toronto

Duke was born in Toronto & immediately taken away from it. Years later, he went back for 7 years & loved it.

Now he's in Ottawa, focusing on production, as opposed to being a solo artist.

For 2 years Duke hosted & produced "Between Bars on Round Table Radio," a podcast dedicated to independent Canadian Hip Hop music & the artists who create it.
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