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Always wanted to cover Ice-T's "I'm Your Pusher." Sort of.

Where there is a harmful and habitual avoidance of pain, there is addiction. We all have at least one. I have eight that I can count.

Here I wander backwards through substance abuse, anger, control, and eventually despair. That last one can be the back door out of addiction, by the way. People always tell you not to give up hope, but sometimes despair is a door in the floor, leading from your cell to freedom. Sometimes hope is just stubborn adherence to whatever's killing you.

Biggups to Steppenwolf, Charlie Parker, Ice-T, The Band, and Curtis Mayfield.


Gnarls Barkley? Gnarly Barker -
Been darkly harder but I'm hardly darker -
Hit the liquor, hoping I can parlay smarter -
Be like Charlie Parker, but partly larger -
A can of problems; twist the lid, witness - the
Red Bull in the china shop; kickin with the shit list -
Doctor Frankenstein's shit is never finished - ad-
-dicted to these head-twitches; Sid Vicious -
My mission is to go search in snow and rain - for
Answers that were neither in church or in cocaine - to
Questions like, How'd you get hurt with no brain - or
Leaving early; who's Kurt to a Cobain?
I take the High Road, so bring your papers -
And a gas mask for the stinging vapours -
The Fall Fixer to your Spring Breaker - I ain't
Worried; ain't a thing change; Ginger Baker -

{God Damn}
Raise the ruckus, racketeer a bit …
{The Pusher}
Who copped the pyramid?
And how did You not hear of it?

Never know drama & it's all great
Living low; lava in a raw state
See, I'm a little calmer with my flawed fate
You know when you hear it [Dope Beats & Lyrics]

…Been a few days since the intervention
when life returned to my veins like an injection
This depression is my bane & a mixed blessing
Far be it from me to be sane… quit pest'rin'
I used to shoot blame from the hip, guessing
Never needed to take aim; it's a quick lesson
Never wanted to take names; just Smith & Wesson
Ain't/ Showing no fake shame; just a kid wrestling with his demons;
fighting the better angels of my nature
Not living the dream, but arranging for it later
I could shed tears like complaints of alligators
in the deepest pit of anger; raging in a crater
Accidents will happen, but the change was never major
a gradual approach to getting mangey in a manger
…and chasing paper in the wages from a fader
Arriving just in time to hear the Age say "Later"…

Never know drama & it's all great
Living low; lava in a raw state
Now I'm the Dalai Lama of the Small Gate…

Ain't your
Mama, ain't your daddy; I'm that
Shadow in the alley - Got that
Thang that you need; like that
Bangin, Supreme - you know
Me. I'm no friend - I don't
Mind how you end - I'm your
Pusher… and I'm

The Spirit of Later is the Ghost of Before
and the Living Moment is the thing we mostly ignore
Like a noose hanging too close to the floor
What the living fuck is that supposed to be for?
Hanging offa that low rope, ya kneel
Got plenty of product, and no hope to deal
Stone broke; no rowboat, no wheels
Plus the grade's low on that home smoke, so chill
I got a product that's so dope it kills
Something those blokes are so stoked to steal
You're the witness to it; it's no joke, it's real... but…
The dope I'm selling, you don't smoke; ya feel -

Never know drama & it's all great
Living low; lava in a raw state
Wickedest lyricist gonna draw hate
You know when you hear it [Dope Beats & Lyrics]


from Bat Country, released April 14, 2015
written, arranged by S.Duke Ellis
produced, performed by Duke Buzzy
recorded, mixed, mastered by Duke at Krow Magma Studio, Toronto




Duke Buzzy Toronto

Duke was born in Toronto & immediately taken away from it. Years later, he went back for 7 years & loved it.

Now he's in Ottawa, focusing on production, as opposed to being a solo artist.

For 2 years Duke hosted & produced "Between Bars on Round Table Radio," a podcast dedicated to independent Canadian Hip Hop music & the artists who create it.
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