Dude Nukem: The Duke Abides

by Duke Buzzy



Sometimes there's a record.

I won't say a great record, cuz what's a great record?

But sometimes there's a record, and well... That's the record for its time and place. It fits right in there. And that's Dude Nukem: The Duke Abides.

Even if it's a lazy record - and that argument could be made here - quite possibly the single laziest thing you'll hear this year. But sometimes there's a record... sometimes, there's a record.

Lost my train of thought there.

Ah, hell. I done intr'duced it enough.


released July 4, 2013

Duke did this, with help from all who went before.




Duke Buzzy Toronto

Duke was born in Toronto & immediately taken away from it. Years later, he went back for 7 years & loved it.

Now he's in Ottawa, focusing on production, as opposed to being a solo artist.

For 2 years Duke hosted & produced "Between Bars on Round Table Radio," a podcast dedicated to independent Canadian Hip Hop music & the artists who create it.
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Track Name: Abide
If life is the road that we're travellin on,
then it's a fine line runs between Heaven and Gone
So while I got a minute, I can babble a song
but if I don't got no love, I'm just ramblin on
Swallow too much pride, it's gonna make my belly fat
I already know the shit; you don't gotta tell me that
Onslaught for an encore? I smell a rat
I'm gettin food here; why you wanna sell me crack?
That ain't my game. I'm too long in the tooth
I'd rather stay broke & spit out a song in the booth
Whether what I been doin here is wrong or the truth,
I elucidate the mission that I'm on to get proof
Hey Hey - I'm out for gain to stay sane
So now I call half my friends by stage names
Whatever I say, I aim to display brains
Even in the way I play games...

Whatchu-whatchu want? I just wanna ride
Whatchu-whatchu got? Will to survive
Whatchu-whatchu gonna DO with your life?
One thing at a time - Abide.

I used to work 2 jobs, under 25 grand
70 hours a week, and wreckin my hands
too burnt from that to keep track of MY plans
Now why would I NOT get outta THAT if I can?
I keep the mind limber with a drug regimen
All-natural; fuck Ritalin
Smokin weed in the bathtub? Get it in
Now who's at my door & what thug let em in?
Cops comin on the home invasion
lookin for the home-grown bones I'm lacin
It's only me here, stoned & wastin
my life on whatever I chose for chasin
Itinerary open - nascent
You don't know me, so hold the phone & statements
Hope cased in jokes of a boastful nation
Alone in my own zone's my only placement

Wicked producer, decent as a rapper
but fame & fortune ain't really what I'm after
Stand-up as a comic, lean as an actor
Ribs breakin at the seams from my laughter
Mr Nice Guy - yeah - I'm a bastard
swayin 2 bottles, obscenely fuckin plastered
Swingin from the lights, screamin from the rafters
and like the hook-up, it only seems ugly after
Doin nothing that I wouldn't regret, yep
Workin for money that I shouldn't expect, yep
I wanna ride thru my hood like a vet
and settlin for less ain't good enough. Bet.
I'm dancin under water, and never gettin wet
while I'm buggin them promoters to check and vet my set
It ain't worth the migraine; my head ain't in it yet
Is it mornin already? I'm just gettin to bed...

So what's the moral of the tale as I tell it?
Well if your life's gettin stale, fuckin sell it
Cuz in this lame economy, pain is a commodity
Open your heart up, displayin what it's hard to be
Re-present it with a shiny little placard
Don't be like me, grimy as ya last heard
I miss the 90s & I'm tryin to get the last word
The future is shiny, and timing is a bastard
I mighta missed my moment; I dunno when it was
But I was pissed to know it; I did what any does
Then Hunter kicked the bucket, and I invented Buzz
My thinkin then was "Fuck It. I still got plenty love."
The way I'm goin, though, I'm dead in a year
and I don't mean it like I'm gettin the Fear
With respect to my peers,
You're all blind to the vet in the mirror
Til you see it, I'm just lettin you hear...